4 - 5 July 2024

Palau de Congressos de Palma,
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

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15th REDS 2024

Saudi Arabia’s Real Estate Market size is estimated at USD 69.51 billion in 2024, and is expected to reach USD 101.62 billion by 2029. Saudi Arabia has identified housing, tourism and commercial as some of its key projects under Vision 2030. As the demand continues to surpass supply in these sectors, owners, developers, operators, contractors, architects, designers and consultants are working wonders to create projects of the future, projects that redefine human limitations, projects that push the boundaries of possibilities. What they need are, right partners and products to count on.

Real Estate Development Summit provides a gateway to these possibilities. By efficiently putting your time to use for valuable knowledge exchange, guidance of the thought leaders and most importantly connecting you, to the right people with right requirement at the right time. Breaking the confines of the conventional, embark on this journey to explore the world of opportunities as we are Connecting Beyond Boundaries!

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The key offering of Summits organized by GBB are the pre-ar-ranged, diligently curated B2B meetings scheduled for the dele-gates and suppliers. The invited delegates are pre-qualified based on a number of criteria including the projects represent-ed, size of these projects, their decision-making capacity and the budgets to source. They then provide their project require-ments which is carefully matched with the offerings of the renowned global suppliers attending the summit. This robust process ensures high-quality business matches, based on which the face-to-face meetings are organized with the help of dedicated account managers at the summit. Every meeting therefore is sure to be productive while leaving each attendee with long-term and valuable business network.





Cook Belacevic Haffner and Partners

Sir Peter Cook

Foster + Partners

Seif A. Bahaa Eldin
Senior Partner

JT & Partners

Joe Tabet
Managing Director

Parsons Saudi Arabia

Jacob Rinard
Vice President - Program Director

KSA & Bahrain, JLL

Maroun Deeb
Head of Project and Development Services



Well yeah, first off thank you to GBB for having me.  It’s actually been my first time in Saudi Arabia, so it’s been amazing to come and connect with lots of local suppliers and basically learn a bit more about what’s going on in the region. The talks have been super informative and yeah, energy levels have been high, and it’s been a great time, so thank you very much.


Head of Hospitality

My experience this year at the Real Estate Summit was really fantastic. We got to meet a lot of interesting suppliers and also some clients. So yeah, I think it was a great event.  So thank you to all the sponsors.  Thank you.

Kristina Zanic Consultants


So here are three reasons I love the GBB Summit. Number one, fantastic, insightful panel discussions from the industry leaders. Number two, I never get time when I’m in Dubai to have meetings with suppliers, developers, and contractors, and they bring them all to one place,  and I can meet them all.  So it’s a fab ecosystem.  And number three, I really get to touch and feel some of the products, and get introduced to some new products.  So, it’s a win-win for a designer like me.



This is my second time attending the Real Estate Development Summit.  And for us as an operator, it’s actually quite interesting to be here with a lot of developers in the room, with a lot of designers, consultants, and suppliers as well.  I was just telling the organizers now that it’s actually getting better and better.  So every year, we enjoy it more, we have more contacts to meet, we have new people to get to know.  And it’s an opening opportunity for everyone, especially this one in Saudi, which is a very important market.  So thank you.

Rotana Hotels

Corporate Vice President - Projects

I thought the events were very well run, that the panel was very well and thanks to our host of the panel. Now that the topics were very good, you know, social media and sort of where we are in a post-pandemic world, I think we are seeing a lot of shifts, and so I think it was really interesting and fun to come and be able to talk about that.

KEO International

Managing Director, Design Division

Hello everyone. I can that it’s a very well-organized summit, and I’m really happy to be part of it. It’s actually connecting us with so many parties in here and a hub for new ideas, and new thoughts and connecting us with new people.

The First Group

Vice President of Design

Thank you so much for the invitation. Amazing experience. You guys are improving every year. There is a huge difference even the one that we had in Saudi last year from the one we are in right now. So keep going! I think it’s really important, especially for the hospitality sector, to have events like this. Thank you so much!

DLR Group

Design Director | Principal

I’m so happy to be here at the summit. I met a lot of people, colleagues, and possible suppliers and a lot of opportunities. So I’m so glad to be here. In this kind of summit, you can see the reality of work and how you can connect with people. We love this kind of approach. Thank you

Luca Dini Design & Architecture

Head of Urban Design

I was attending the Hospitality Innovation Summit happening in Dubai at Al Habtoor City. Amazing suppliers at the event. It had an innovative element with the delegates and visitors that were there. We had an amazing panel on innovation from a destination perspective vs from a group and operators’ perspective. Thank you, team, for all the great work and looking forward to another event! Take care!

Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority

Head of Investments and Special Projects

It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of GBB’s organized events. This is the second hospitality event that I’m proud to be part of. The first one was an inaugural event in Riyadh, and now in Dubai. I think what’s most unique is the choice of very high-quality panelists and intriguing topics as well. So, it makes it a very nice combination of giving the platform to the suppliers and those vendors who would like to work in the industry, as well as the expert panels from the industry that are coming together to address some great key topics.

Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Development Senior Director

I would like to thank and congratulate GBB for the event. You get to meet all the suppliers and all the other people coming together. The panel discussions were also very meaningful. Looking forward to such events in the future.

Boutique Group

Executive Director of EPMO

It was great to be here at the HIS and connect with some of my colleagues. It was great to connect with the industry. I had a great time at the event connecting with people from across the industry, so it was an amazing experience.

Red Sea Global

Head of Design, Project Delivery

The quality of the people coming in both as delegates and suppliers are of very high standards and we are happy with the way the event has been and the event has been an eye-opener and a lot of contacts from Saudi Arabia. What I liked the most about this event was the flow of the event, not putting too much pressure as a business type, making both the delegates and suppliers feel comfortable and free. It’s a very informal atmosphere as well as a business type. The meetings have been conducted very well. We look forward to the next event!



We are representing Jaipur Rugs, and we produce handmade rugs and carpets. We are very happy to be present here as we find the Saudi Arabian market to be very prosperous, very exciting. We are confident that we can supply very high-quality products to the right clients in the market. The whole organisation of the event was very good. We found great buyers, and good contacts, and we are confident we can get a lot out of this event! Thank you GBB!

Jaipur Rugs

Senior Manager - Head of sales GCC

This is my first experience in this amazing event. Personally, I’m really impressed because we can give the same opportunity to create a proper business, a proper new relationship, and above all, regarding the sustainability aspect. I want to thank GBB for giving us this opportunity


Export Manager

Hello, I am the Vice President of Preciosa Lighting from Czech Republic.  I have to congratulate the GBB company for organizing such a beautiful event because we found very relevant contacts here, and relevant information and we see that the market in Saudi Arabia is booming and it represents a huge potential for not only for us as a producer of luxury lighting but as well for investors coming to Saudi Arabia. So, thank you very much for your invitation and good luck for future.

Preciosa Lighting

Vice President

Today I will introduce our company as a local manufacturer of Tiles and Ceramics for interior and exterior construction based in Saudi Arabia. I would say that I’m so proud of our product as it’s manufactured, containing over 100% of Saudi Arabian raw materials.  Today, we’ve joined the 12th Real Estate Development Summit to have one-to-one meetings with the top designers, architects and real estate developers and to provide them with our products as solutions for their projects. This is beneficial for business relationships and future projects as we want to achieve the goals of the vision of 2030. Thank you very much, and see you next year.

EXA Alfanar

Prequalification Engineer

After two successful events with GBB, we are delighted to be here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, part of this amazing event, part of a transformation of the Kingdom, and have a chance to meet with new potential partners, as well as reconnect with our esteemed and valued partners as well.  Let’s see how it is.


Manager - Regional Specifications, A&D Relations Marketing, Middle East & Africa

I’m here at the Hospitality Innovation Summit held in Dubai this year. It was a really productive experience for us. I’m with Gessi. We met with very good contacts; we had lots of meetings, lots of panel discussions and yes, we look forward to getting back and quantifying all our leads and to the event again next year. Thank you very much for having us. Goodbye from Gessi.


Head of Specifications

I am the CEO and founder of RKF Group from France. I appreciate so much the way that it is because I came here for the third time because each time I feel like it’s increasing the level, the category and the qualification of the people attending the event, from both sides, buyers and suppliers. The quality of the connection and the organisation itself is really high-end.  And when you know the key people coming here and that’s why I congratulate the organizer for bringing these people.

RKF Linen

CEO and Founder

I’m very happy to be here today at the HIS 2023. It’s an amazing place where we can meet industry leaders.

Schneider Electric

MEA Hotel Segment Director

This is my first time here in the Hospitality Innovation Summit and this has been a great experience for me, and I see a lot of opportunities. Hopefully, I get to come here many years to come, and I wish everyone the best of luck and we’ll do great! Thank you!

Gruppo Bounifante

VP of Sales

I am the segment marketing manager for Signify Saudi Arabia and it’s been a pleasure to be here at the hospitality innovation summit. I believe it’s a very well-organized event, and we have been talking to certain suppliers and end users over the past two days with a lot of nice engagement in terms of workshops plus one-to-one meetings. This is the first time that I am attending, and I think it’s a good ROI for us. We have managed to have some useful discussions with end users and on projects that are happening in Saudi today. It’s very exciting to be engaged like this. The panel discussions were really useful when we were talking about innovation, sustainability and I think it really connects with what Signify is doing globally in terms of innovation, bringing sustainability into our operations and also going into certain innovative technologies that can benefit the future of these projects and the sustainability part. I’m so happy to be there, super excited and looking forward to more engagements like this in the future. Thank you very much.


Segment Marketing Manager - Retail & Hospitality | Office & Industry and Market Intelligence Manager,

Thank you, GBB, for creating such a lovely platform to connect with the project stakeholders across Saudi Arabia and UAE.  And from Kohler, this is a platform that has been created where we can connect to our customers face to face and talk about the last 150 years of the legacy of Kolar with some of our bold products for the new projects in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Kohler Co.

Head of Sales - Middle East

Hospitality is booming in the region so it is definitely the right time to host such an event and bring together the hospitality leaders to discuss and to shape the future of the industry. It was a very good opportunity for the suppliers to meet the buyers, but at the same time, it was a good opportunity for the buyers to see the new innovations, technologies and products offered by the suppliers. I’m very happy to be a part of this event, and we are looking forward to the next one.


Leader Architecture and Design MENA

We are a famous luxury experience brand, and I was here today to present our hospitality and real estate opportunities. I’m very happy about this experience. I had a chance to present what we do to the Saudi market, which is very important. We think that it is a great opportunity indeed, and I was very happy to be here and to have very interesting meetings. I would like to thank GBB for having me here. Everything was so well organized, and I’m really happy with the experience. I think it was highly professional but also very informal, and we were just very comfortable. We enjoyed it a lot! Thank you!

Tonino Lamborghini

COO Hospitality and Real Estate Development

It’s a great chance so much time with the buyer, and it’s very important to maximize our presence in Saudi Arabia. It’s a great opportunity to interact with a lot of players in the business in a very short time and to have very effective conversations. If I had to do it in a different way, it would take me much more time and would be less effective, so I’m grateful for this chance


VP Global Marketing - Smart Buildings